“TAG-ULAN” Checklist: Rainy Day Essentials

To help you stay protected in the coming rainy days, here are some of the “tag-ulan” must haves:

Bringing an umbrella should always be part of your daily routine. If it helped you beat the heat during “tag-init”, now is time to use it to protect you from the rain.

Be sure to have an umbrella of good quality. Some cheaper umbrellas are prone to breakage and deformation. Choose a durable and specialized umbrella for heavy rains and strong winds. Consider the size of the umbrella if you want it to fit in your bag. Make sure that it’s easy to use and that it suits your style.

When rains pour during a thunderstorm, gusty winds also prevail. Umbrellas may not be enough to keep you and your valuables dry. A raincoat can protect you from getting wet from the rains and blowing winds.

Choose a raincoat with a hood, of good quality and one that suits your body size, including your height and arm length. A jacket made with waterproof material can also be an alternative raincoat. It can keep you warm during the rainy season.

A heavy downpour means a higher chance of flooding. During floods, feet can be prone to infection. The Department of Health (DOH) advises the public to use proper protection by wearing boots. This way, you can protect your feet against the risk of getting leptospirosis, a water-related disease obtained from contact with contaminated water. Just make sure that your boots are waterproof, made of plastic or rubber.

A towel can help you dry off immediately after being drenched. It can also be used in wiping or protecting your gadgets such as your mobile phone and wrist-watch.

The changing weather can cause sudden sicknesses like common colds and cough. Keeping a first aid kit with basics, such as alcohol, gauze pads, cotton, povidone-iodine solutions and medicine, is the best way to be clean, illness-free and wound-free this rainy season.

Rainy days are coming so let’s all take note of these essentials to keep us dry and healthy!

Department of Health (DOH)

Amor Larrosa

Amor Larrosa

Weather Reporter at Panahon TV

Amor is a Mass Communication graduate of the Far Eastern University. During her college years, she enjoyed performing onstage for FEU Theater Guild, her school's official theater organization. As a Panahon TV reporter, she wants to inspire others by sharing her knowledge about climate action and disaster preparedness. Recently, she has started producing her own segments, most of which tackled said issues. In 2015, Amor attended the World Meteorological Organization’s training for Broadcasting in Vietnam, wherein she learned about the most effective ways of delivering climate and weather information to the public. Apart from reporting on the television and radio, she also hosts parties, weddings, birthdays and sports-related events.